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Welcome to My Blog!


Welcome to my new blog! I plan to use this space to talk about interesting things that I'm seeing in the nonprofit sector and the coaching world. One of my favorite things to think about and discuss is the culture of the nonprofit sector. In fact, that's one of the reasons that I started my own consulting and coaching practice. I believe that we can enhance the culture of the sector to be healthier, more sustainable, and a leader of future workplaces in our country. If we put the same type of innovation and energy into creating an equitable, thriving culture for our sector as we do into our programs, campaigns, and community organizing, we can create something truly groundbreaking in the workplace. And I believe that coaching plays a big role in this transformation (for reasons you'll see discussed more in this blog!).

I'll use this space to talk about new ideas for addressing various challenges that are facing the nonprofit sector and workplaces in general. I'll provide thought-leadership on different topics including organizational systems, team building, and supporting your team through transition and growth. And finally I'll use this blog to discuss the impact of coaching on leaders and organizations.

What about the nonprofit sector culture or coaching interests you? What are some topics that you'd like to read more about? I look forward to going on this journey with you!

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