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Our Services

Executive & Emerging Leader Coaching

NHT Consulting provides one-on-one coaching for executives and emerging leaders.  Our powerful, transformative coaching focuses on the whole person, building leadership from the inside out.  We help you and your teams clarify professional and personal goals and then create and follow through on concrete action plans to reach those goals.  Topic areas may include strengthening leadership and management skills, changing and/or creating new habits, personal growth and development, dealing with burnout, and gaining confidence.

Specializes in working with women and people of color.

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Organizational Development & Strategy

Utilizing the expertise gained from over 13 years in nonprofit leadership, NHT Consulting provides support for nonprofits and foundations in the areas of organizational development and strategy, including strategic planning and visioning, program development, and nonprofit management. We help you tackle complex problems, creating long-lasting organizational change.  

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Teambuilding & Workshops

NHT Consulting works with organizations, teams and boards through group coaching and workshops to create a workplace culture that fosters respect, growth, creativity, productivity, and positive impact.  Workshops may include creating a coaching culture, building effective teams, time management and organization, creating organizational structures, and others based on your unique needs.


Through expert facilitation of meetings and retreats, NHT Consulting supports organizations, coalitions, networks, and teams to clarify and create goals, build relationships, and work together more effectively.

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